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I had been a long time Geico client, believing their commercials that they had the best rates, I was wrong! Last year I asked Tim and Anne to look at my auto insurance. Not only did they give me better rates, but better coverage and the best service. Not wanting to stop with just those savings, they then looked at my homeowners. Again, I'm seeing savings there, enough that I was able to get an umbrella policy, and still save over my previous premiums! I recommend Tim and Anne to everyone now!!

Paul Haas came highly recommended to me from several of my friends who told me he would find a way to save me money on my auto, homeowner, and flood insurance. I had hesitated for so long because I thought I would need to come up with stacks of documentation from my insurance companies but I was wrong!! Mr. Haas had asked for just a few documents and did all the work!! He worked to get me the lowest payments and I'm so very glad that I finally listened to my friends. Working with him was one of the easiest experiences since becoming a home owner.

Paul has been very attentive and responsive in providing my business insurance. I was impressed with his thoroughness and bringing a few items to my attention I would otherwise not have known. I'm very comfortable that I switched to his agency!

Over the last 3 decades I have relied on Paul Haas for my insurance needs and advice and he has always provided excellent and personal service in a very timely manner (even on weekends)! I feel very fortunate to have an insurance expert that I trust and have great confidence in, and enjoy talking with too. I highly recommend Paul and the Haas Agency.

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