Inn Insurance

What if it were possible to take money you’re already spending on insurance and use it to grow your business instead?

When would you want to unlock that potential?

At The Haas Agency we focus on recovering money you are already spending so that you can use it in another way, making a big difference in your business.

Inns are unique. The owners live and work in the same place.

For this reason coverage must be provided for the business AND the personal needs of the owner.

This requires:

  • Liability coverage for business and personal exposures
  • Property coverage is needed for the structure, the business contents, and the personal contents of the owner
  • The unique needs of the owner must be fully protected. These may include trusts, charitable and community service, and specific high value items like jewelry, fine arts, and antiques

Owning an Inn has many challenges. You are the marketing, human resources, finance, customer service, and reservation departments. Additionally, you have all the challenges facing a small family run business.

The more you can delegate with confidence, the more effective you will be in other areas of your life and business.

The Haas Agency focuses on balancing insurance protection with cost.

By investing time in a proven insurance coverage process the return on your investment will yield better protection and cost savings.

At The Haas Agency we believe that people do not purchase WHAT we sell.                  They purchase their Inn Insurance from us because of WHY we sell it.

  • We believe in protecting past accomplishments and future dreams.
  • We believe the right balance of protection and cost can always be found.
  • We believe savings in protection can be spent to grow the business.
  • We create an understanding of the risks faced and the solutions available.
  • We accomplish this by taking time and listening carefully.
  • We do this through research to build a balance between protection and cost.
  • What this creates are insurance solutions that last.

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