Flood Insurance Madison CT

Flood insurance Madison CT

Flood Insurance Madison CT

If you need flood insurance for your property in Madison CT, then rely on the insurance experts at The Haas Agency. Our agents have been protecting residents and their homes in Madison CT for years. We are here to educate you on your coverage and help you find the best rates for your home.


When most people think of a flood, they might think of devastating nor’easters and hurricanes. However, Madison, Connecticut gets approximately 48.8 inches of rain, on average, every year. To put that into perspective, the US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Even southern New Englanders in Mystic are now aware that storms and high water have the potential to cause billions of dollars in damage.

CT’s Best Rates for Comprehensive Flood Insurance

In reality, most floods are caused by far less catastrophic situations. In fact, did you know it only takes a few inches of standing water to cost thousands of dollars in damage repair costs? Flood damage is not protected under your home insurance policy, so to be protected you have to purchase it separately. Regardless if you live in Mystic, or any where else in CT, you can rely on The Haas Agency.

Homeowners Insurance Does Not Protect You Against Flood Damage

Did you know that every single house in the United States, regardless of location is technically in a FEMA flood zone? This seems hard to believe, but designated flood zones are basically to label zones that are more susceptible than others to floods. If you’re looking to move to a property that’s in a specified high risk flood zone, and apply for a mortgage, then your lender may require flood insurance before approving your mortgage. Flood insurance coverage is especially useful, because it reimburses you for money spent on preparation and cleanup. For example, you may be reimbursed for sandbagging your home beforehand, moving furniture, and lateron-cleanup of debris. However, if you live outside a high-risk zone, or if you no longer have a mortgage, flood insurance is optional.

When you need to speak to an expert on flood insurance, contact the professionals at The Haas Agency. Our trustworthy agents will help you find the perfect policy for your situation and needs. Also, you’ll know you’re securing the best rate possible. Call The HAAS Agency today at 860-430-9734 to speak with a professional at our convenient Glastonbury office.

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Flood Insurance Madison CT

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