Insurance Agency in Glastonbury CT

Insurance Agency in Glastonbury CT

When you’re looking for a reliable Insurance Agency in Glastonbury, CT, contact The Haas Agency. Whether you want to protect your property, business, or assets, The Haas Agency has policies for you. If you’re specifically interested in business insurance, then we take the time to learn about your company’s needs first. This is because, every business is different. There are many types of business insurance to choose from, so one may be better for yours than another.

Types of Insurance Coverage

General Liability Insurance helps protect your business from claims if it caused bodily injury to someone else; property damage to another person’s belongings, and personal injury like libel or slander.

Commercial Property Insurance helps protect your owned or rented building, as well as equipment that you use to run your business.

Commercial Flood Insurance must be purchased separately and protects your business from unexpected floods.

Business Income Insurance helps replace income lost, because you are unable to run your business (also known as Business Interruption Insurance).

Professional Liability Insurance (also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance):  helps cover lawsuits claiming you made a mistake in the services you provided.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance gives your employees benefits if they get hurt or sick on the job. When they are unable to work, it may help pay medical bills associated with the injury or sickness.

Data Breach Insurance (Cyber Insurance)

Commercial Umbrella Insurance extends the coverage limits for liability policies. This protects you if the claim exceeds the limits on your primary insurance.

To conclude, it is important to protect yourself from the unexpected. The Haas Agency is the best choice for all insurance types. We are a leading provider of business insurance in Glastonbury CT. Our agents have years of experience in the industry, and will help you find an appropriate policy for you. Please contact us today at (860) 430-9734.

Insurance Agency – Glastonbury CT – The Haas Agency

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